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Camille  DeCosta

Born and Raised in St. Thomas, Camille feels her birthplace is the best place in the world to live. Camille decided that the ideal job for her would be real estate, this gives her an opportunity to share “her” island of beautiful views, beaches, and weather. Camille lived in Tulsa, Dallas, and Los Angeles for several years, then moved abroad to pursue a career in modeling. She lived for 6 months in Germany, 1 year in France, where she studied French at the Sorborne, and 7 years in Italy, where she learned to spe...

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    Scott  Newland

    Scott Newland is a graduate of Antilles School and Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Scott grew up in a family of real estate and construction. Spent summers working construction while growing up in St. Thomas and St. Barts. During and after college he worked in the hospitality industry in New Orleans. He is a third-generation Realtor of St. Thomas following his grandparents, mother, uncle and two aunts. He is an avid boater and fisherman and feels very fortunate to h...

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      Janice  Popo

      It’s no wonder that Popo has a great sales record. She loves her job of finding the best buy for her customers’ budget. Intuitively, her aim is to make house-hunting an enjoyable Janicepursuit for the novice buyer, the high-end investor and a visitor seeking a vacation home or buying a piece of the rock. She does a great business via E-Mail and is known to pick up her customers at the airport to take them to the closing. Known for being quite witty and having a positive attitude, she loves sales and depends on r...

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