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Camille DeCosta

Born and Raised in St. Thomas, Camille feels her birthplace is the best place in the world to live. Camille decided that the ideal job for her would be real estate, this gives her an opportunity to share “her” island of beautiful views, beaches, and weather. Camille lived in Tulsa, Dallas, and Los Angeles for several years, then moved abroad to pursue a career in modeling.

She lived for 6 months in Germany, 1 year in France, where she studied French at the Sorborne, and 7 years in Italy, where she learned to speak Italian fluently. Her travels also brought her to England, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Costa Rica, and China.

In her spare time, she dances in Carnival with the Hugga Bunch Troupe and helps save any animal in need. She also enjoys being with friends, boating and swimming, all of which are abundantly available on St. Thomas.