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Scott Newland

Scott Newland is a graduate of Antilles School and Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Scott grew up in a family of real estate and construction. Spent summers working construction while growing up in St. Thomas and St. Barts.

During and after college he worked in the hospitality industry in New Orleans. He is a third-generation Realtor of St. Thomas following his grandparents, mother, uncle and two aunts. He is an avid boater and fisherman and feels very fortunate to have traveled at a young age to Tibet, China, Botswana, Central America, all through the Caribbean and the US and most recently to Japan. These experiences have enhanced his understanding of other cultures and communities.

Scott is very excited to continue the Newland generational business in residential and commercial real estate and volunteering for several non-profits with a strong belief in always giving back to our community and an island he dearly loves.