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Janice Popo

t’s no wonder that Popo has a great sales record. She loves her job of finding the best buy for her customers’ budget. Intuitively, her aim is to make house-hunting an enjoyable

Janicepursuit for the novice buyer, the high-end investor and a visitor seeking a vacation home or buying a piece of the rock. She does a great business via E-Mail and is known to pick up her customers at the airport to take them to the closing. Known for being quite witty and having a positive attitude, she loves sales and depends on repeat business and referrals. Many of her buyers remember that in the midst of looking for their dream property she always stopped to treat them to St. Thomas Dairies ice cream.

Janice Popo grew up in New York and is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. After years of being a Regional Director selling custom-fitted bras and lingerie, and designing clothes, she moved to St. Thomas with her husband Ahmed, a school Principal, her mother, and three children. She still does home-based business counseling and fitting mastectomies for breast prosthesis and is a past president and vital member of St. Thomas/St. John American Cancer Society. Janice enjoys being a team player at Newland Real Estate because of the long-standing professionalism and ambiance of the company.

St. Thomas carnival is a gala affair held at the end of April when carnival troupes take to the streets dancing to the rib-tickling beat of calypso and soca music. Janice is a longtime member of the famous Gypsy Troupe and she can be seen having a good time with many of her sellers and buyers who are now party-hearty Gypsies.