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Michael Kamerica

When I moved to St. Thomas in 2015 I only expected to stay 6 months but after only 2 weeks of living here, I knew this would be home. From a shoreline town in Connecticut, I learned to love the beach from birth. My mom lived in Trinidad so the love for the Caribbean is in my blood.

St. Thomas is a perfect fit. Before island life I was a professional snow skier, I had to give up skiing 100 days a year to live here but being on a beach 300 days per year is an amazing trade-off. Plus I still get to ski, that’s what they make airplanes for. While on St. Thomas, you’ll be likely to find me beaching, brunching, yachting, hiking, exploring, island hopping, wearing linen, diving and fishing.

I love having friends visit and getting to play tour guides! Honestly, for me, it’s not about selling you a property, it’s about selling you a lifestyle. One that I love so much.

Michael “Tripp” Kamerica